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Our legacy of excellent service is built on the foundation of our 

Master Customs Broker has been ensuring the success of our customers since we were founded in 2003. Our legacy of excellent service is built on the foundation of our core values of dedication, integrity and hard work.

Our Services

 U.S. Customs

We expedite customs clearances saving you time, money and stress.

 Imported Accesories

We import clothing and accessories into the country and guarantee their prompt arrival and convenient processing through U.S. customs.


We ship perishables at the right temperature for any product: produce, flowers, seafood, or meat, and guarantee their fresh delivery.

 ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms)

Whether you are importing Alcohol or Firearms for commercial purposes, both require import licenses and import permits. We can be of assistance in these types of imports as our experience in this area is quite extensive.

 Fish and Wildlife

Our highly experienced team of customs brokers and import agents is here to help you with all aspects of importing.


 Import Documents

We provide all of the necessary import documents up to date with constantly changing regulations.


We work with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to comply with their regulations on agriculture and food.


We assist clients in understanding and complying with Customs requirements. We focus our practice on articles that are highly regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

 Additional Services

Importer Security Filing, Customs Bonds, Remote Location Filing, Temporary Importation Bond, Warehousing, Door-to-Door Delivery Service, Passenger Handcarry Clearances, Quota/Visa Entries, FCC Processing, Bonded Carrier, Duty Drawback, Local Cartage and more.

 Section 321 Programs

Section 321, 19 USC 1321 is the statue that describes the minimis, De minimis provides admission of articles free of duty and of any tax imposed on or by reason of importation, but the aggregate fair retail value in the country of shipment of articles imported by one person on day and exempted from payment of duty shall not exceed $800.





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